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                    Volunteer Recruitment Announcement of The First Elderly Olympics
      There is a group of elderly people around us, who use the fire of life, dischargedthemselves;And they explain the meaning of life with enthusiasm.This group  has been constantly fighting  in order to  realize this "Elderly Olympics" dream.They organized a kind of dance that includes thousands people to participate a large interactive community welfare program "Community Hero" competition of CCTV Society and Law Channel (CCTV-12) ,of course,with such  spirit and  dream,  they touched lots of audience,finally they won .To help those elderly people who have the dream of "Elderly Olympics",He Tong Elderly Community Foundation is about to hold  the  First Elderly Olympic from Oct.8th to Oct.15th,2014. This is the first time to hold a Olympic Games for the old in history , in order to promote the exchange of world elderly culture,guarantee the Games going smoothly,adhering to the concept of charity,we will recruit a certain number  service  referees of volunteers,and relevant matters are announced as follows:
1,Recruitment jobs
The Elderly Olympics volunteers include language,etiquette,,medical propaganda and event planning and Other.language volunteers is primarily responsible for language translation, reception and other volunteer service teams work.Versatile Volunteers is primarily responsible forcompetition venues run, logistics hospitality, health care, the organizing committee of volunteer service departments.Standard-bearer and etiquette are primarily responsible for events, VIP reception, guidance, awards ceremony and so on.
Regional Recruitment
2,Area of recruitment
Recruiting areas are mainly  in Tianjin,meanwhile,and also cover provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of all country , Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, oversea Chinese ,  oversea Chinese students, and foreigners .
3,Conditions for applying
1)Be voluntary to this work;
2) Be born before Dec. 31, 1995 (inclusive) ,and be healthy;
3) Have been got certificates of referees or social sports instructor;
4) Abide Chinese laws and regulations;
5)Could  participate in the pre-match training and related activities;
6)Able to assume their duties in the corresponding period of the games, and serve in the time and position of the old Olympic Games arrangements;
7)The applicant whose native language is not Chinese should have basic Chinese communication skills;
8)Professional knowledge and skills are necessary for volunteers;
9)Need to bear the transportation costs and other related costs from the residence to the Tianjin round-trip ;
4,Rights and obligations
1)Understanding volunteer policy;
2)Express  the wishes of job positions before determining ;
3) Obtain  the necessary job security;
4)Safeguard  their legitimate rights and interests;
5)Join in the volunteer recognition competitions;
6)Propose  comments and suggestions on the work of volunteers;
7)Applicate to quit volunteering.
1)Abide the constitution and rules of the old Austrian, spread the knowledge and ideas of theelderly Olympic;
2)Abide the  constitution and rules of the Elderly Olympics  Organizing  Committee;
3)According to the requirements of the old Olympic Games Organizing Committee, to submit relevant information;
4)Undertake to perform volunteer service  they has signed;
5)Complete the appropriate training and assessment;
6)Obey the command and deployment of the old Olympic Games Organizing Committee , and earnestly fulfill volunteer service tasks;
7)Obey the team management where the team of volunteer service works during the administration .
5,Time and way for registering
1)Time of registering and submitting application materials:from Apr.5th to Apr. 20, 2014.
2)Way for registering: from official website of He Tong Elderly Charity Foundation(https://www.hetong.org.cn),download the volunteer registration form of the first elderly Olympics,and fill the form,The electronic version should be sent to this email(hetong-1@163.com) ,a dedicated mailbox would be recommended , Such as,hetonglah@163.com.
3)Tel:022-87938022、87938026  13612181743
                                                                                        Committee of the ElderlyOlympics
                                                                                         Apr .5th, 2014


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