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    Former vice director of the Sports Bureau of Dagang District ,Tianjin. She led the ZhongPing club team won the gold medal in women older group.Zhou has been in charge of sports work in the original unit. It’s reported,  her and her team members began to love table tennis since 1961 the World (Beijing) 26th Table Tennis Championships. After retirement, Zhou Min as well as her older players still insist on participating in tennis competitions around the country.In order to get good grades, they train every afternoon,More than 30 athletes in the club, the biggest is 78-years old, the youngest is 59 years old.
    While it was an amateur tournament, but the hot atmosphere no less than Stadium Table Tennis Super League.On the field, a silver -haired, dashing senior attracted the attention of Journalists----She is the 65 year- old urchin Zhou Min. Nine years ago,  she has been suffering from polio and was diagnosed with  colorectal cancer, but it didn't put her down, table tennis has brought positive energy to her infinite,help her to overcome the disease,  face life optimisticly. Zhou Min still insists on practice three times a week, she even put transfer table tennis joy to her 7 year- old granddaughter.
    Now, Zhou Min has not only overcame the disease,her life is also colorful, "in addition to practice three times a week, I also participate in the two senior chorus. A few years ago, I spent four years studying the piano in the elderly university."At Zhou Min’s home, table tennis spirit is of inheritance, 7 year -old granddaughter also love playing table tennis because of her grandma.
    Zhou Min said, in May, she will go to New Zealand to participate in every biennial World Cup table tennis tournament,"follow China Table Tennis  Association,"I first went to the Hohhot, then won the women's doubles and women's singles two runner up. Two years ago i went to Sweden, this year's competition is in New Zealand, my visa has been prepared." Except for the jubilee cup, Zhou Min also regularly participates in the competition and many domestic table tennis of the elderly group in Asia Pacific region,""Because of the table tennis competitions, which have given me the opportunity to learn about the world, increased a lot of knowledge, and made many new friends, I am full of happiness now."

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