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Shuttlecock - Competition rules

      First, the support unit: Tianjin Committee on Aging tonight Media Group   "in the old times."
   Tianjin fitness CCTV Promotion Society and Law Channel (CCTV-12) 

     Second, Sponsor:  Hetong Charitable Foundation for the Elderly

     Third, the funding unit: HeRen Charitable Foundation
      Fourth, time and place
      October 2014 , held in Tianjin . ( October 8 between -15 date ) .
      Five Contest
      ( A ) Project :
      1 ,Individual Time Trial 1 minute
      Men's Group 60-65 years old, more than 65 Boys B
      Women's Group 55-65 years old, more than 65 women's Group B
      1 ) older group level playing time trial ( 1 minute ) timer count.
      2 ) older group squatting kick Time Trial ( 1 minute ) timer count.
      2 , Individual Freestyle Race 1 minute
      1 ) Men's Division 60-65 years old, more than 65 Boys B
      2 ) Women's Group 55-65 years of age , women over 65 B
      3 , the collective choice race 4 ( 4 minutes )
      Collective group of men and women chosen race , men aged 60 and women 55 years of age can participate.
Sixth, the game requires
  1 , individuals who participate in the one minute time trial athletes , use the General Assembly designated with shuttlecock, breach Conference cancel the competition results.
        2 , collective and individual self- chosen race competition with the shuttlecock .

 Seven ,ways to Enter :
  1 , athlete eligibility , all citizens have the legal status of People's Republic of China and the legal citizens of Asia , Europe , the Americas and the five continents in the provinces , municipalities and autonomous regions, and foreign continents and other places in the SF club enthusiasts have local flower shuttlecock countries , provinces , autonomous regions and other places have legally registered athlete friends , healthy men over 60 , women over the age of 55 are invited to spend shuttlecock lovers . If municipalities and district-level competition as a unit -level city city as a unit, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign teams can sign free tissue (unlimited overstatement ) . Autonomous regions and municipalities reported by the SAR team .
  2 , each team leader a coach an athlete eight , coaches and players available , but not every athlete to participate in various competitions over two , such as items found in ultra- participating members , the committee canceled the competition all qualifying teams.
  3 , in order to maintain a fair and equitable competition athletes need a personal identification card upon registration , foreigners holding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan certificate and passport copy , such as identity documents inconsistent with the General Assembly refused to participate.
  4 , various countries and regions participating athletes must be in good health before participating teams must have participating insurance, if they are not in accordance with the General Assembly requested the participants suffered any physical harm peril.
      Each team started the online registration on July 1, 2014 , to August 1 ended . The teams may also fax the registration form to the Office of the old Olympic site www.elderolympic.org, who received this year by the shuttlecock referee Feng Shi Wang Linsheng office in Tel 13194695531 Fax 022 022 -87,938,026 -87,938,022 Address: Nankai Ascot Road, Huayuan residential area on the second floor of Building 45 . Zip Code: 300384 E-mail : hetong-1@163.com
      Each team leader coach will be held in mid-September 2014 , and the competition draw, outside foreign cities available online operation.
      Eight criteria
  An individual time trial flat kick and kick each one minute squatting , according to the number of players hit the shuttlecock count results, according to the same number of persons who for the first few mistakes .
  2 , individual choice , collective choice criteria to judge according to the national tournament and fifth Tianjin Old Games shuttlecock game combining criteria to judge .
      Produce nine , the referee and the Arbitration Commission
      ( A ) arbitration committee sessions of the contest by the highly respected experts as a senior .
  ( B) the referees referee recommended by the Organizing Committee , deputy referee , referee . Jury should Tianjin -based organizer , other provinces and cities , supplemented by senior referee purpose components.
      X. incentives :
  1, where the athletes participating in the Games this year for various projects are splined reward the top three ( gold, silver, copper )
  2 , the General Assembly according to the proportion of teams and athletes also reward reward ratio of the top eight .
              3 , set the best coaches, athletes and Best Organization Award Organizing Committee through the game .
      Eleven , and from the report will be
  ( A ) Please athlete at 12:00 on October 8, 2014 to report back to Tianjin ( specific location to be announced ) .
  ( B) the departure of time at 14:00 on October 16, 2014 before the ( detailed time further notice ) .
  Required to produce the second generation ID card (c ) report , an audit conducted by the spline tournament organizing committee . Failure to provide such materials teams, individuals are not allowed to participate in the competitions , responsibility.
      XII matters not notice. The final interpretation of procedures undertaken by the old 2014 Olympic Organizing Committee .
Attachment: 1 ,Competition Sign-Up Form of Shuttlecock   

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