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     According to Mr. Fang Jiake’s  theoretical requirements on "advancing to the old Olympics" and the  basis of holding five consecutive elderly games in Tianjin form 2008, CCTV social and law channel  (CCTV - 12) large social interaction program’social hero’crew,after competing with  Shanghai " the old child" website , Tianjin HeTong elderly welfare association won the games.
  The old Olympic Games ,play a catalyst role,and combine with sports, education and cultural fields, and promote the common development of these areas with Olympics . To make a healthier lifestyle, solve health and other common problems of young people and society , so that the Olympic spirit will flourish in the elderly.
  According to the resolution and requirements of the elderly IOC , schedule no more than seven days,  about 2,000 athletes , tournament officials and staff of about 200 people, athletes age requirement 55 years old to 80 years old, a total of 15 major items.The old Olympic Games venues are encouraged to use comprehensive multi-function venues, and also required arranged in a city(Tianjin); the old Olympic traffic is the same with the Olympic Games  (provide shuttle bus or bus service).
  The old Olympic Games period will organize various  youth culture and education activities, through the education of Olympic values, so that make the elderly away from unhealthy lifestyle, be someone with a real sports spirit.It will Develop exchanges and communication between the elderly of different countries through electronic digital platform, the last, the old Olympic will become the world's elderly people's own festival.

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