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  1.General Rules
 1)We developed the code of conduct in order to strengthen the disciplined work of Olympics volunteers and the entire staff , and specify  volunteer behavior.
2)Compliance with national laws and regulations. And may not do any illegal activity by the name of the old Olympic volunteers , nor may tengage in any political or religious activity or speech by the name of the old Olympic and volunteers .
3)Maintain the overall situation, and safeguard the country's image, the city's image and collective honor, and establish a good image of the volunteers.
4)Agree with the concept, purpose and operation of the old Olympics .
 5)Training seriously.
6)Obey work arrangements and deployment.
7)Own team work ethic.
8)In any case, never be allowed to have any conflict with service object.
9)If you can not deal with some cases effectively, should consult higher timely.
10)Comply with the undertaking of voluntary service commitments.
 11)During the training and service time,if volunteers are in violation of what organizing committee   required ,and adverse effects, we’ll make punishment decided by the organizing committee of volunteers and volunteer departments where the Ministry, someone severe will cancel volunteer qualifications  for criticism.
2.Documents Use
12)During the service, in strict accordance with the division of authority within the stipulated documents。
13)Wear documents rightly , when wearing keep documents shall not be sheltered ,correct location ,.
14)Shall not lend to others and the scope of using of documents, may not be altered, forged, altered, and damage.
3.Pre-service preparation
 15)Rest properly, be energetic .
16)Prepare all the necessary items, such as uniform, documents, purses, kettle, communication tools, data, sunscreen sunstroke prevention anti mosquito drugs etc.
 17)Be familiar with responsibilities.
18)Pay attention to traffic safety.
4.Good grooming.
19)Neat appearance, dress neatly, clean as principle, do not be careless about one's dress.
20)Makeup should be subtle,
21)Can't unkempt, do not stay long nails, nail polish and not painted dark in the nails painted.
22)Pay attention to food hygiene, personal hygiene and oral health.
23)All staff are required to read the attachmentcarefully and observe dressing standard.
24)Service with a smile.
25)Must not be their backs to others.
26)Stand straight like a pine
27)When walking, arms swing naturally. When people walk in pairs should be natural, to avoid affecting the traffic of vehicles and others.
28)Sitting, keep the upper body upright, legs naturally together, without shaking legs,  sittingon the ground is not in the public places.
29)When the direction of the upper body slightly forward, smiling, visual target direction to others.
30)Shake hands with others, should be watching each other, not put one hand in his pocket.
31)Active voice and smile, listening, and positive answer, find someone to talk with you, can take the initiative to ask if he need help.
32)Conversation with others, maintain eye contact, listening to their conversation
33)The conversation Interrupts in urgent need of treatment or have to leave, should say sth to people in the conversation, apologize.
34)Specification language proficiency in post service language expression, and learn to use multi language expression "Hello, thank you, please......" Courtesy.
 35)Say "thank you "for all the work of the clients .
 36)According to the "first responsibility" principle, in the service process such as  you can't resolve the situation, not aswer to the service object does not know or "it's not for me",as far as possible ask for relevant personnel or seek effective solutions.
 37)Timely answer the telephone.
38)Answer telephone should control volume does not affect the order at the scene, no self-assured or supercilious loudly call.
6. Work order
 39)Obey the appointment time, consciously do not be late, do not leave early. Due to illness and things can't work on time must advance to the respective work department heads , approved by the department supervisor, report the Volunteer Department of the Organizing Committee for the record, you can leave. Due to unexpected events can ask for leave in advance, should use the telephone or other ways to ask, after the need for timely submit the leave. Volunteers to the timely processing of sick leave clearance, need to extend the holiday shall be re submitted for approval. Leave or extended holiday unauthorized out or post, according to the lack of post processing, volunteers accumulated absences from more than 2 days, as the case may be the appropriate punishment, will cancel the qualification of volunteers, and circulate a notice of criticism.
 40)In accordance with the provisions in the area of work assignments,reasonable arrangement of leisure time.
 41)Team unity and cooperation, pay attention to coordination between teams, volunteers are to avoid friction or mutual shirk responsibility phenomenon.
42)No restricted articles or others of unknown items into the work area.
43)No smoking or drinking in the workplace, not to eat in the job.
44)Shall not leave, mobile phones required open all day.
45)When changing guards, handover well.
46) Do not use their  worktime to watch games. When use volunteers ticket to watch, do not wear volunteer uniform.
47)Do not ask service object for signature, gift or gratuity.
48)Without the consent of the service object and superior, volunteers do not  snap or sign any file for service object.
49)Do not take photoes with service object.
 50)Do not chat in working hours ,not make personal phone calls, not a long time watching mobile phone information, not free SMS, do not engage in activities unrelated to work, take the mobile phone to vibration state.
51)When have dinner, pay attention to saving, avoiding waste. Don't talk loudly when repast. Keep thedining environment clean,  clear the rubbish after dinner.
52)When meet misunderstanding, unreasonable or unfair treatment,should remain calm and exercise restraint, the prescribed procedures in a timely manner to the relevant responsible person and the Volunteer Department of the organizing committee to reflect .
53)Volunteers can not serve with companion(non- volunteer ).
54)Without permission,do not take a religious missionary work.
 55)Stand up, take off the hat, the body turn to the flag polestand parallel direction, salute when flag raising ceremony and the national anthem.
7 .Emergency disposal
56)Strengthen ego protect consciousness, pay attention to its own security.
57)Be of vigilance, strengthen monitoring, timely report to the managers, find surrounding potential risks in work place.
58)Be familiar with the venue management regulations and the business field, post emergency response anddisposal process.
 59)Meet a security risk or damaging the work order,  actively respond to emergencies, in accordance with the norms of the emergency plan process decisive disposal, and promptly notify the competent department's work, and according to the actual situation in a timely manner to the periphery other staff for help.
 60)When meet rude or high emotion service object, keep civilized, polite, calm, restraint,reflect  situation to the organizing committee, avoid language conflict and body contact.
61)In the event of an emergency disposal process, should rely on the security department to maintain the normal order, try to avoid escalation, and consciously keeping, to protect the evidence.
8. Accept media interview
 62)To enhance secrecy awareness, comply with the relevant secrecy regulations.
 63)Learn the old Olympic volunteer work basic situation and the service facilities, services in the field of basic situation, do a good interview job preparation.
64)Volunteer does not accept media interview, when neccessary, request the organizing committee, after allowing for an interview, such as the refusal to be polite, explain the reasons, such as "I'm sorry, I don't convenient to accept an interview".
65)Be polite to media,  should first understand the reporter and interview before the interview.
 66)To maintain the overall image display of volunteers, and show  volunteers style when he interview.
67)Information and content that provided to the media should be objective, accurate. No published damage state, city and group interests of speech.
68)During the interview process,as something unknown, not easy to answer, has nothing to do with the work of the volunteers can politely refused to answer.
 69)Should not accept a formal interview in working time , if it is really necessary, then request to the organizing committee, the organizing committee volunteers department arrange related personnel interview.
 70)Volunteers who received after the interview, the situation will be timely feedback to the organizing committee.
9.The use of public facilities and materials
 71)Take good care of public facilities and office equipment,  make records.
 72)Economically use office supplies and related material, no extravagance and waste.
10. Other
 73)Observe the service venues, services field of other relevant provisions for volunteers.

                 The old Olympic Organizing Committee Volunteer Department


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